Gregmacdonald2024 Calendar Cover

The 2024 Calendar!


I draw and I paint.

In recent years, the drawings involve more paint and the paintings more drawing.

The paintings happen daily and are affectionately referred to as whats. For many years, the daily drawings/whats were pen and ink. Then the pen found a brush partner. Color was added and now it is mostly brush and water color.

When facing the blank surface I intentionally have no intentions. The aim is to discover the most. To do this, I steer to the spot suspended somewhere between knowing and not knowing. There, meaning layers upon meaning creating more. Much more.

I have worked as an illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and teacher.

All good things to do but my love is what you see here.


New Whats from 2023

See the daily paintings.

A couple years ago I began to nudge the daily watercolors into a different life with the digital tools in my art box. I employ some tricks: symmetry and repetition. I add context with layers of color, textures and photographs.

The basic trick remains: meaning overlaying meaning creates new meaning.

They are altered Whats.

Gmacdonald 03

Daily Drawings before 2010

Before paint was invented, mostly ink drawings.